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I'm a wonderful baker & a Mom. I'm a lil' obsession with chocolate, so I figured why not blog about it. I am the Owner of Jensina's Bakery at, it is my in-home cookies, cake & cake pops business. FYI: I am no longer selling cookies at the BattleGround Farmers Market, Jen's Sweets is closed. Jensina's Bakery is now OPEN.


Making Ice Cream Cones (Yes, its cake pops)

Once again, I must start by saying... THANK YOU BAKERELLA! You have the best ideas.
Start by cutting your ice cream cones with a serrated knife.


Corbin had fun playing with the left over tops. I had fun watching him. LOL!

 If your wondering...
I have no idea where I got this make-shift ice cream cone holder, but it says COLMAN on it.

Drop your cake ball into the colored chocolate on your choice.
There are two ways of doing this.

                 1st WAY
Pick up your cake ball with a spoon and drop it onto a parchment paper covered cookie sheet.
Pick up the cake ball using the ice cream cone.

                 2nd WAY

Then add more chocolate to the edges to create the dripping ice cream look.

 And decorate the edges with colored jimmys.

 I let Corbin help.

Melt a little more chocolate and pour into a sauce bottle. Squeeze the chocolate onto the tops.
Top with a red M&M (it looks like a cherry on top).