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How To Temper Chocolate!!

I'm getting ready to make chocolate covered strawberries.
At the store they have several manufactured coating chocolate (they don't taste good) the best way to dip strawberries is the easiest… just temper your own chocolate.

Tempering chocolate is a technique that ensures that you don’t lose that gloss or ‘snap’that is needed for a good taste. Tempering involves heating chocolate to point where it liquefies and cooling it to prevent crystallization of the cocoa crystals. It sounds much more complicated than it is. Trust me, do it once and you'll see. The best method is known as seeding.

You’ll need: two small metal bowls, sauce pan, spatula, cutting board, chef’s knife, thermometer and 1lb. of chocolate (if your making chocolate covered strawberries you'll also need 1lb. of strawberries).
Always buy pre-tempered chocolate, a block of chocolate will work best. Before you begin divide you chocolate into thirds, you’ll be using 2 thirds on a double broiler and 1 third to add into the melted chocolate to cool it down. Start by coarsely chopping the 2 thirds your chocolate and finely chopping the other third of chocolate.

Melt the 2 thirds of chocolate in a double broiler to:
Milk & White Chocolate: 110˙F-115˙F
Dark Chocolate: 115˙F-120˙F

Once the chocolate is completely melted remove from the double broiler, turn off your stove. Stir in the other 1 third of chocolate to the melted amount.

Stir constantly, until completely melted. Transfer from one bowl to another, keep transferring until chocolate is cool.

It is complete once it reaches:
Milk & White Chocolate: 78˙F-80˙F
Dark Chocolate: 80˙F-82˙F

Tempering Tips:
* Do not use a wooden or metal spoon to stir chocolate; it retains odor and moisture which will ruin the chocolate.
* Do not let any drops of water get in the bowl with the chocolate.

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