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Brownie Crazy!

Today, I making Kodiak Cakes Big Bear Brownies.
I ended up making these instead of Kurmkaka because I'm babysitting my friends daughter, Maddie. She loves brownies. I have never made this brand of brownies. The box cost around $6, most boxes are between $2-$3.
I wanted try them because they are 100% whole wheat and other all natural ingredients. I also noticed that most brownie mixes use oil, this one uses melted butter.

Always wash your hands before you start baking.
Completely spray the inside of your baking dish.
When ever I am mixing by hand, I like to put all the wet ingredients at the bottom of the mixing bowl and the dry (packaged) ingredients on the top. Stir until completely smooth.
"Can I taste them?" Maddie asked. "Of course" I said.
"Ummmmm... very good!" she said.
Pour the brownie mix into the dish, smooth the top and tap the dish on the counter to release all the air bubbles.
Bake the brownies as directed and check with a toothpick, if it comes out slightly moist, they are done.
Cool for 1/2 hour.
OMG! Maddie loved them and Corbin loved them, I loved them.Very yummy!
My review: They needed to go back in the oven an extra 5 minutes. They are a little on the buttery side, you'll need a napkin. The crust was perfect and they are chocolatly ooey gooey!
I wish they were cheaper though.

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