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1st attempt at making cake pops.

Lets start where my Chocolate Cake Pops blog left off.

You're going to need: Yellow candy melts (1 pkg.), Lollipop sticks & Edible ink pens

While your cake pops are in the fridge, begin melting your white chocolate over a double broiler (you can also use the microwave, in 20 second intervals). Keep the temperature low and stir until all the chocolate is melted.

I needed to change my white chocolate into yellow for my smiley face cake pops, add a heaping toothpick of Lemon Yellow food paste (I bought mine at Michael's).
When your chocolate is ready, dip your cake pop completely into the chocolate, you want to submerge the cake until only the stick is showing.

You'll need to lightly, but firmly tap the excess chocolate off. Don't try touching the chocolate, it will get messed up.
Place in your cake pops stand (or use styrofoam) to dry completely.

While those cake pops were drying, I went online to see if I could find myself a chocolate warmer or a better way of dipping the cake pops. I found both. I watched a few videos on youtube about dipping and getting the excess chocolate off. I ordered myself a Chocolate Pro to better melt my chocolate and I started wondering... can I use my mini sauce crock-pot to keep my chocolate warm? I tried it and it gets a little too hot (you can boil butter with this thing), so I unplugged it the minute the chocolate was melted. I needed more yellow chocolate for dipping, so I added in some white chocolate coating chips (which lightened my chocolate, I didn't notice right away, but its okay, I can work with it).
"Mommy, me want one!" He screams.

So, I had one too. Very yummy!
Back to dipping... my new chocolate is melted. The steps are the same as before. Dip your cake pop completely into the chocolate, you want to submerge the cake until only the stick is showing.

Watching videos on youtube, I learned that you need to hold your stick upright and tap ti lightly, but firmly on the edge on the pot and turn slowly. That will bring all the chocolate to the bottom of your cake pops.
If your using sprinkles, add them on now.
"Sprinkles! Sprinkle!" he loves cake pops.
If your going to draw on them, wait until they are completely dry, draw on them with an edible ink pen and allow ink to dry!
I had so trouble get my edible ink pens to work very well, I'm going to try a few different brands. And remember, this is my 1st attempt at making cake pops. I hope you like them.